Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Best Definition :- 

The simulation of intelligent behavior of computer. In simple words as the name suggests artificially made simulation of intelligence lodge into a computer to make it think like humans or animals. 

What is Artificial Intelligence in computer science

In computer science stream Artificial Intelligence sometimes termed as machine intelligence, which is in fact demonstration of human or animal intelligence by machine, which is computer in this case. Artificial Intelligence simply try to replicate human cognitive such as problem solving and learning.

In this field various case studies are designed to train the machine or computer program in order to get desired results. In this process various inputs are given in the form of data then be it numbers or images and then consecutive outputs are generated which are then optimized by reducing the error.

This error is calculated by the difference between the actual desired output and actual obtained output, by using various techniques like feedback loop, output is fed back to input in order to reduce the error and increase the accuracy of the output. All this actions are performed in IDEs by using  various programming languages, in some cases there may be discrete programming lots of looping but in some case simple test algorithms may get the job done real quick.

Artificial Intelligence
AI and It's Subsets

In general human brain can get tired and bored by doing same task for long durations but in case of machine it can perform the same task millions of times. The main objective of Artificial intelligence is to put brain inside the machine to do tasks like planning, reasoning, representation of knowledge, language processing and most importantly to manipulate or move objects.

Artificial Intelligence model is first trained by the developer with n number of data which is associate with the objective of the model. There are many ways by which we can train or develop an Artificial Intelligence model like deep learning, some mathematical tools like statistics, probability and economics.

Artificial Intelligence

To teach the model deep learning technique is used  in which neural networks are used to get input of data through various nodes, processing it in the middle level and then generating an equivalent output.

Latest trends in Artificial Intelligence

Cyber Security

Artificial Intelligence is becoming popular in various fields and cyber security is one of them, Various tech giants are using AI to prevent cyber attacks on their systems but moreover hackers are also using same AI to train it to breach cyber security firewalls due to which more attacks are being made via AI bots. Some entities are using two way firewall like using existing security technique with Artificial Intelligence enables within while using high security protocols, more use of bio metrics and keeping eye on malicious activities.

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Security
Artificial intelligence is being extensively used in monitoring the data over the internet to bifurcate useful, harmful data for the general users in the society. As number of internet users is increasing year by year it is very necessary to keep eagle's eye on it to detect any cyber crime like child pornography, online abuse and black market. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are using to filter out the post by verifying posts reports by user. As use of Artificial Intelligence in this field is increasing we can now achieve to cover up large amount of data in less time so that to improve the community standards of this platforms.

Cloud Computing and Machine Learning 

The popularity of this future tech AI is making it to be used in cloud computing sector to provide more feasible and economic solutions to their clients. Artificial Intelligence can come very handy in case of cloud computing as enormous amount of data is already readily available in cloud and with less amount of computing power and with not spending lot of money on development of infrastructure we can achieve stable source of cloud solutions. The data monitoring, handling and manipulating capacity of AI at large scale comes as win win solution in cloud solutions as the main challenges faced by this sector was data handling and monitoring also it can also be used for security purpose to secure the data stored in cloud from external attacks. Currently the market leaders in this sector are AWS (Amazon web Services), Google and IBM.

Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning is the technique by which machine learns through various ML algorithms and extensive programming. Now some markets are using ML in business development in training their online virtual assistance models and so on. Machine usually learns from its past experiences just like human brain do, Google's Assistant and Amazons Alexa are prime example of machine learning where assistant learns from the previous operations made by the user and suggestions or required output is generated on that basis.

Artificial Intelligence
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Smartphone's AI enabled Chips

There are some chip manufacturing companies like Qualcomm, Mediatek and Samsung who are putting discrete AI units in there processor's architecture to unlock the AI capabilities. This AI enables devices literally fits into the palm of our hands. This Artificial Intelligence models are used to achieve faster image recognition, image processing and various other things in day to day task used on smartphones like daily news suggestions by user behavior. The main use of this AI enabled chips is in camera application where all parameters can be manipulate like face detection, edge detection, color correction and so on. As an example there is google lens feature in android smartphones where it recognize images on screen and decode the data given on that image which is really cool.

Artificial Intelligence
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Self Driving Cars

We always thought that year 2020 will be the year of flying cars, we are there at some point but not as mainstream but some companies achieved tech of self driving cars long ago like Tesla. The trend setter of electric vehicle Tesla has developed their self driving tech by using AI teaching techniques by which the car observe drivers driving patterns like speed, accelerations and braking due to which AI model tries to replicate the driving pattern of car owner but in more safety concerned way. Tesla Autopilot where making headlines back in a day about its failure and accidents caused due to it, but one need to understand that not every system can be perfect there is always scope for improvement that is why company suggests owner to never fully rely on autopilot feature.

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Economic Sector 

Artificial Intelligence have buried its roots in to every application possible and Economic or Finance sector is one of them. Stock prediction techniques are used to analyze the market fundamentals to predict particular stock position in future with some accuracy. Which then also used to predict the economic measuring index like Sensex and Fifty to make note on market conditions of particular company in future.

Artificial Intelligence

Some big companies also use AI to improve their market analysis techniques by using data analytics. In this field various parameters of a certain company are taken into account to analyze them to generate an output equivalent to the scope of improvements. For this technique to work the AI model is fed up with lot of data to ensure the accuracy of predictions.

Future of Artificial Intelligence

  • The long term goal of Artificial Intelligence developers is to achieve general intelligence in the machine. AI surely going to kill some jobs and the time is near when AI will also replace human in decision making tasks.

  • In healthcare sector AI may replace surgeon to perform critical surgeries which take hours of operating time. Healthcare sector is already using robots to perform some tasks but fully replacement of doctors with AI enabled robotic arms may happen in future.
Artificial Intelligence
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  • AI is going to make huge impact to media, transportation, healthcare,manufacturing, education, customer services and governmental use like in national security applications.

  • Most furious and dangerous use of AI will be to use it against the mankind by achieving one hundred percent of human cognition. That probably will take two or may be three decades to come but let's hope that AI will only be used for betterment of this globe.

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

  • Artificial intelligence enabled model or machine can perform task without getting tired or until it broke down.
  • With well trained model one can achieve precise output and accurate decisions made by AI model. 
  • With digital assistant in palm of your hand its makes easier to handle day to day life tasks easy with the help of AI
  • Proper use of potential of AI can save lives in medical sector.

Risks of Artificial Intelligence

➦Humans replaced by machines is going to make lot of people jobless.

➦As AI is used to improve cyber security it also acts as a treat to our online privacy and security.

➦Autonomous weapon is again an example of AI in wrong hands, already every nation on this globe    spends billions of dollars to make their armed forces powerful and with this autonomous weapons      in their hand is will be compared with the nuclear capabilities.

➦If AI comes into wrong hand it can lead to serious problems like Terrorism with advanced                   weapons, hackers and data invaders.

Applications of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence can literally be used anywhere but I have listed best of them below:

AI can be used by government to increase the working capabilities of government's own entities by application of AI enabled autonomous tech. Local police departments, social welfare agencies and law order specimens can use AI to improve there work capability.

There is lot of scope for application of Artificial Intelligence in healthcare sectors. It can be used for performing critical time consuming surgeries and patient monitoring systems.

AI is a sub domain of computer science studies so there is infinite scope of application of AI.
AI can be used to improve study model, study material and to applied methods of acquiring knowledge.AI can also be used in research purpose as research requires to handle lot of data AI will be helpful to keep the pace.

Automated farming techniques are on verge of popularity and increased production rates are attracting more farmers to adapt this technology. The existing tech enabled with AI will make this sector work on its full potential for example weather forecasting for particular region and rearranging the operating parameters of farm field accordingly with the help of available data.

Drones and self driving car have already became the trending tech of decade with application of AI we can achieve commercial transport of goods and services in remote location in extreme condition.

In aviation the employees incorporated are highly trained professional and they need to keep eye on every important parameter to ensure safe fly. With use of AI the data handling for flying officials will became easy and in case of any emergency AI will be able to take some decisive actions.

Autonomous armed robots and drones are already being used in military applications but with help of AI in sections like satellite surveillance and tracking down enemy will become easy.

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Best Definition :-  The simulation of intelligent behavior of computer. In simple words as the name sug...