Triton Model H an 8 seater Electric SUV

Triton Model H an 8 seater Electric SUV 

Triton Model H is an introductory product of Triton-EV which is subsidiary of Triton Solar. Triton Solar is an well known brand in solar panel and battery engineering. The special part about this company is that the core team behind this concept is having automotive engineers from IIT Bombay but the car will be made entirely is USA.

This car is build by car enthusiast for car enthusiast.

Triton Model H an 8 seater Electric SUV
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Triton model H looks similar to Cadillac Escalade but it has got some serious specifications which makes it different from any other SUV. Triton Model H is an 8 seater SUV with claimed range of 700 miles which is 1126 Kms on a single charge which seems very promising. But actual figures always differs as the test conditions and actual day to day life circumstances differs. 

Triton Model H an 8 seater Electric SUV
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Specifications ⧭

The Triton model H comprises of 200 KWh of battery which powers the electric power-train of this car. This power is fed to the quad motor arrangement which is each all four wheels gets its own individual motor, so it is basically an all wheel drive. The acceleration claimed by the company is 0-60 mph in 2.9 seconds, But all these figures are claimed by the company and we don't know how this car performs on the road.

With this enormous amount of battery capacity the company claims range up to 700 miles on a single charge. If this car successfully pulls out that number or holds near it, it will make this car an game changer in EV market. Currently there is no car in market to claim this numbers.

Tesla Roadster which was showcased last year claims nearly 600 miles of real life range, comparing this two will be partial considering the SUV and sports car segment with their different form factors. The size of this car plays an vital role in improving its range as it can packed with bigger battery packs without compromising air ventilation for same.

With surprisingly bigger battery powered power-train the car generates about 1500 hp which really going to turn heads. which also gives this car an towing capacity of 15400 lbs.
It is made to pull up such heavy loads without compromising the ride quality and comfort offered by this SUV.

The numbers are big in dimension section also- exterior dimensions = 224" (L) ✕ 81" (W)✕ 74" (H), wheel base of the car is 130 inches and the luggage capacity is 200 cu.ft., the curb weight  which is weight of car without any luggage or occupants is 5300 lbs.

Company offers warranty of 10 years or 150,000 miles whichever comes first from the date of delivery of the car.

Models, Availability and Overview ⧭

The Triton Model H will be offered in two models. The base model will have 150 KWh of battery capacity which will produce 1000 hp. On the other hand higher variant will comprise of 200 KWh of battery capacity and 1500 hp power output. Which eventually going to make difference  between range and acceleration figures with this two models respectively.

Triton has started pre booking of Model H, the price of base model is $140,000 whereas for higher variant it is said to be $180,000. The pre booking is started on their official website, to pre book the Triton Model H one needs to pay $5000 at the time of booking and remaining payment needs to be made within a week. 

The official websites of Triton or Triton solar doesn't have enough information of this SUV, it doesn't even have interior design photos which looks like the website is under development as there are also some minor mistakes in their website. 


Triton Model H figures speaks a lot about the SUV but we will have to keep watch on the SUV to get information about the real life performance figure. Also one should keep track on how the company will perform in the market as they have reserved first 100 founders edition for pre-orders it will be necessary to keep an eye on it.

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